Packed with natural blend of ancient grains, NUREOX Grain fits perfectly in your on-the-go lifestyle while providing you essential nutrients in just a single cup. Modern wheat is one of the common ingredients of whole grain beverages, but NUREOX Grain has combined both modern wheat and ancient grain to give you optimum nutrient content.

In addition to having zero trans-fat, high in fibre, vitamin and protein, this nutrient dense NUREOX Grain offers you a high level of iron too. On top of that, wheatgrass is another star ingredient of NUREOX Grain. Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre which helps to improve immunity and needed for good health.

Vital nutrients
Promotes regular bowel movement
Boost immunity
Assist in controlling high cholesterol and diabetes

Key Ingredients

Chia Seed


Amaranth, Millet, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Chia, Fibersol-2, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Black Rice, Organic Millet, Organic Black Millet, Organic Green Millet, Organic Oar, Organic Germ, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Black Buckwheat, Barley, Calrose Rice, Organic Wheat Grains, Grains, Organic Red Brown Rice, Japanese Pearls Brown Rice, Organic Oat, Oat Germ, Sorghum Rice, Organic Calcium Rice, Glutinous Rice, Black Glutinous Rice, Organic Wild Purple Rice, Rice, Gorgon, Oat Flour, Branched-chain Amino Acids, Wheatgrass, Black Sesame, Isolated Soy Protein, Medium-chain Triglyceride, Sucralose, Tricalcium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Carboxymethyl Cellulose

How to consume

Add 2 scoops (25g) of powder to a glass of cold or hot water (150ml ~ 200ml). Stir well and serve.

Suitable for

- All ages
- Recommended for children from 2 years old and above.


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Carmen • Selangor

Good product

Good choice as a replacement for others drinks, less sugar and multi grains taste good too. As a healthy drink for breakfast or teatime, can be replacement for supper when working late too.


Tan Soo Poh • Johor


自从发现grain 好好喝,我就开始注意里面的成分了。grain 含高蛋白质,铁质,还有纤维,还没有胆固醇。是我现在早餐不能缺乏的饮品了,我也介绍了家人,每个喝了又再买,这就证明说产品是不错的了,我会继续喝,可以保健的产品,我都会坚持使用


Erica • Selangor

Best for pregnancy women

Best choice of breakfast for pregnancy women A lot nutrition such as calcium potassium n etc! This is the product I recommend for those who doesn’t like to drink milk person. Nice taste !


Liliyu • Johor

Great nutrition

I bought this for my 6 years old son as breakfast. This grain taste good than others, my son loves it very much. This is so good for children as a supply of daily need and also improvement of immunity.


Bok Sui • Sarawak

all time favourite right

I have tried alot of other meal replacements and other grains and this product is my all time favourite drink, especially when mixed with milk . it's healthy and yummy! Highly recommended!



14 Review(s)
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